Reasons for a Professional Home Inspection:

Pictures of actual items found while inspecting homes. Some photos are items even the sellers were not aware of !

New furnace utilizing part of old flue pipe ( see next picture)

Improper installation of flue pipe (for today's standards)

Disconnected bathroom drain, in the crawl space.

Water heater flue pipe venting carbon monoxide outside bedroom window. Flue pipe is not at a proper height.

Loose and leaning wood fence.

A common improper material for hood fans.

Water heater flue pipe slightly off a down draft diverter. Possible carbon monoxide leak!

Electrical splicing in attic, Not in a junction box.

Old gas heater with no vent system for carbon monoxide!

Doubled up lugging at a 20 amp breaker. Improper installation.

Broken and missing roofing tiles.

Exposed wires and improper splicing at a garbage disposal. Should all be inside a junction box for safety.

The pre-cast concrete fireplace frequently shows substantial cracking.

Extension cord being used improperly.

Cracked / Braced rafter tail in attic.

Water leaking out of water heater closet!

Old water heater.

Rusted , Deteriorated & Cracked flue pipe. CARBON MONOXIDE LEAK!

Washer hook up added in condo with improper drain waste vent!

Stone veneer separating from home.

Separation between a fireplace and its veneer.

A gas air conditioner

An undermined foundation wall.

Poor installation of a drain waste vent.

Damaged shower/tub surrounding.

Frost build up on a AC's coolant line.

Disconnected, loose and damaged air ducts.

Dishwasher drain not connected to disposal.

Water heater flue pipe disconnected.

Improper way to extend a water heater flue pipe.

Water heater missing flue pipe.

You want an inspector that goes in the attic!

Our inspectors go everywhere they can!